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The Association for Music & Imagery (Hybrid) Conference 2023: “Metamorphosis”

The Association for Music & Imagery (Hybrid) Conference 2023: “Metamorphosis”
Eagle Crest Conference Center- Ypsilanti, MI
July 12-15, 2023

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The word metamorphosis is derived from the Greek words Meta (change) and Morphe (form).

It is often defined as a complete change of form, structure or substance transformed by natural evolution, magic or witchcraft; a new form resulting from change (
Events and conditions over the past few years have profoundly influenced the human psyche and the ways we conceive and practice The Bonny Method, Music Imagery and the many kaleidoscopic lenses through which we work with Music & Imagery. The rise of the Pandemic has left many feeling unsafe and, in some cases, traumatized. Others long to re-kindle their prepandemic lives. Global social conditions and ethical values related to social justice, diversity and intersectionality have forced individuals and institutions to critically examine the ways in which policies and practices may contribute to ongoing marginalization of underrepresented groups. The necessary use of technology to communicate has left us curious about the core practice elements of Guided Imagery and Music practice.

We have changed—almost without knowing it. By some process of adaptation, we have become a new practice with new considerations and potentials. What old patterns remain in our new forms? What has been transformed? What has metamorphosis opened up for us? What has it released?

The 2023 AMI conference theme invites discourse, research, case presentations and art that explore radical change. In the spirit of Metamorphosis, this conference will be offered in a hybrid format. Participants may come to SE Michigan and attend the conference in person or attend virtually. This more integrated approach to conferencing is a new point of departure for AMI.

Eagle Crest Conference Center is part of the Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest complex and is located 30 minutes west of DTW-Detroit Metro Wayne International Airport on beautiful Ford Lake.

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Conference Co-Chairs:
Terra Merrill & Christine Routhier


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