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Pacific Transpersonal Training with Guided Imagery and Music

Location:Saturna Island British Columbia Canada 
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Noele Bird, MMT, MTA, RCC, FAMI


This training is modeled after Liz Moffit’s Inner Journey Training and has a focus on humanist and transpersonal models of psychotherapy encountered through the use of music and imagery. A core fundamental principle influencing this training is the potential of transpersonal experiences to create deep lasting change and transformation of consciousness.

All levels of GIM training are offered and lead to becoming a Fellow of AMI. This training emphasizes the Bonny Method of GIM in its original dyadic form along with other adapted applications of this work being introduced.  The trainings are both didactic and experiential in nature with a focus on one to one therapy, while also offering skills in adapting and applying the method for a wide variety of settings, individuals and groups.  

The staff bring a wide variety of clinical and personal experience including backgrounds in music therapy, Gestalt therapy, music performance, MARI mandala training, Buddhist contemplative practice, trauma and addictions work, somatic therapy, healing touch, hospice and grief work. The trainers and support staff all share a transpersonal background and a focus on creating a supportive container for the growth of consciousness.


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