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Atlantis Institute for Consciousness & Music (AICM)

Location:130 Arbor Way, Church Hill Maryland USA 
Email:.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone:(301) 346-3634 (SJS)

Sierra Stokes-Stearns, PhD, FAMI, Co-Director
​Carol Bush, FAMI, Co-Director​


Jim Borling, MT-BC, FAMI

Ginger Clarkson, MT-BC, FAMI

Barbara Davis, MEd, LPC, FAMI

Erin Johnson, MEd, LPC, FAMI

Alicia Picazo Cortina, MA, FAMI

Nan Bok Lee MA, FAMI

Mi Hyun Bae, PhD, FAMI

So Jin Kim, MA, MT-BC, FAMI

Cara Marinucci, LPC, FAMI

Patricia Ortega Henderson, FAMI

Eun Mi Ji, FAMI

Brenda Burgner, FAMI

Nicki Cohen, PhD, MT-BC, FAMI

Santiago Vila, MM, MT, FAMI


Bernice Garrido, Guadalupe Avelar, Montserrat Gimeno, Bette
​Gonzales, Hilde Garcia, Cecilia Sampson, Jean Crawford, Bibiana Gomez,
Raphael Montoya, Sonia Escudero, Seunghee Eum


The Atlantis model emphasizes GIM as a music-centered psychotherapy for individuals and groups.  Our curriculum incorporates GIM guiding skills in combination with the use of music as one's co-therapist to support depth work with clients.  Our trainings offer a blend of opportunities for interactive learning, personal  depth exploration, community building and expression of one's potential to become a skilled GIM guide.

Atlantis Institute offers a post-graduate supervisor-in-training  course to develop the skill set for becoming a supervisor. Graduates may be invited to an apprenticeship program to become an AMI Primary Trainer with the Atlantis model. 


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