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Sonet du Toit

South Africa 
Credential:Registered Counsellor (BPsych) (HPCSA), Registered Industrial Psychologist (MA) (HPCSA), FAMI
Training Level:F
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone:  +27824673933
Address:  107 Andries Potgieter Blvd
Location:  Vanderbijlpark Gauteng South Africa 1911
Sonet is a counsellor and psychologist, assisting individuals, ranging from childhood to adulthood, in dealing with, adjusting to, and even thriving amidst the wide range of challenging experiences that life brings. Sonet deeply values the lived experience in the areas of life in which she specializes in her profession. She offers her integrated knowledge, experience and self with a deep respect and appreciation for the context of clients’ experiences. Practical life orientation, based in experience, enables her to facilitate healing and growth journeys, coupled with sophisticated and scientifically rooted psychological methodologies. Having practiced in the corporate environment for 10 years, Sonet has vast experience related to the world of work. Her understanding of this context enables her to work with adults and working parents with a clear idea of the realities and stresses faced in head office, in a factory environment or working from home - business matters, leadership, company policies and practices, company culture, climate and systems, working shifts and shutdowns, work life integration to name a few. While enjoying working in various domains, Sonet particularly values working with individual clients. Intense life changing experiences related to loss and grief provided her with a deep understanding of the debilitating effect and loneliness brought about by unwanted change, loss, grief and death. She is passionate about sitting with people in their pain, cares deeply about supporting clients in loss and grief and partnering with them in their journeys towards finding meaning after loss. Her own experiences increased her awareness of the need of professionals who specialize and practice in griefwork in a grief illiterate world, which she has trained in extensively. Griefwork with clients of all ages is especially close to her heart. In her work with adults in private practice and industry, Sonet found that the issues that people struggle with often stem from incidents and circumstances from their childhood. For this reason, she is committed to creating a safe space for children and teenagers in which they can process the challenges of life as well as their responses to it and learn life skills to equip them for adult life. She supports children and teenagers to identify and express their thoughts and feelings and strives to create and utilize every opportunity for them to identify their strengths and resources and internalise the message: I am worthy, valuable and capable. The purpose of facilitating a counselling process with children and teenagers includes understanding how they experience their world and offer grounding, development and growth as a possibility throughout the process. Her suite of unique and specialized skills is embedded in striving to understand the underlying drivers of emotions and behaviours. Primarily working symbolically to bring about change has proven to have the best chance of ensuring better long-term adaptation, which is why she values both the cognitive aspects involved in the counselling process in combination with accessing unconscious material to deal with the complexities of being human. Sonet’s aim is to facilitate a balanced journey to process issues and overcome challenges and bring about healing.


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