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Kristin Jurkowski

Training Level:F
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Location:   30-082
My personal belief is that we are all naturally programmed for wholeness. I help clients find their own way to live a more satisfying life--filled with the qualities they value most--by providing a safe therapeutic space, where all parts of self are welcome. I believe we are each a collection of parts, some of which are likable and some not so much, but ALL of which are valuable. Some of these parts carry deep pain, and others may create chaos and even destruction in our lives. No matter how extreme our parts become, I believe in the genuinely good intentions each part carries, and in their ability to heal and transform. GIM is a powerful modality of healing which allows us to bypass the conscious, analytical, verbal mind and communicate directly with our deeper selves through the language of the unconscious: imagery. In this work, we uncover answers which were hidden deep within, access untapped resources and strengths, and work to transform the root causes of current struggles. By integrating GIM with traditional talk therapy and other creative arts, I help clients heal and create a life of inner wholeness, freedom, self-acceptance, and joy. It is my honor to accompany you on this healing journey.


  • 1158 N Columbus St, Arlington, VA USA
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