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Level 4d - Psychodynamic aspects and modes of consciousness in GIM

Location: London United Kingdom
Teachers:Martin Lawes, Primary Trainer
Training Level:
Date:October 25-27, 2018
Organization: Integrative GIM Training Programme
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UK Based Training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and Music and Imagery (MI)

Following the Level 1 Foundation Course, are the Level 2 Certificate in Supportive (Resource-Oriented) Music and Imagery and the Level 3 Diploma in Re-educative (Issue-Oriented) Music and Imagery. The Music and Imagery methods taught (from Summer's continuum model) are goal-oriented, short-term therapy with a wide clinical application. They involve the clients in drawing whilst listening to recorded music.

Level 4 is the Advanced Diploma in GIM. The Bonny Method of GIM is taught, along with other MI methods. The training programme is delivered by two experienced GIM trainers from the UK (Martin Lawes, programme director and Dr Sumi Paik-Maier), along with a number of experienced international guest trainers (currently Professor Gro Trondalen, Norway; Professor Lisa Summer, USA; Dr Torben Moe, Denmark; Marilyn Clark, USA; and Dr Dag Korlin, Sweden). 


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