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GIM Training South Africa

Location: South Africa, Johannesburg South Africa
Teachers:Kobie Temmingh Swart
Training Level:Level 3 Module 1: GIM and Pathology
Date:August 24-27, 2018
Organization: GIM Training South Africa
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The training is available to mental health professionals and entails a part-time training process spread over three years, with two seminar blocks per year of between four to six days each, as well as self-study, homework projects and personal, client and supervision GIM sessions. Seminars involve didactic, practical and self-experiential components.

The training is aimed at broadening professional knowledge and skills, enriching trainees personally and spiritually, and building a deep trust in GIM and a curiosity and respect for human potential and depth.  

GIM may offer South Africans suffering from mental and physical illness, trauma, injustice, poverty and relational and spiritual disconnection, opportunities for healing, empowerment, connection, growth and transformation.

The vision for GIM in South Africa is to spread the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music as well as adaptions thereof across mental health professions and spiritual practices in South Africa, ultimately establishing it as a trusted method of psychotherapy and spiritual development in our country.


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